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Updated: Jan 13


Limestone Township Road Crews have pulled off of all Township Roads after 2 full days of plowing and preventative measures for the cold temps ahead. Safety of our drivers and crew is the most important. Please be sure to only travel if essential. Stay safe and remember that we still have a Parking Ban in effect until Noon on 1/14/2024.

Snow & Ice Removal

Our first priority will be to address the hills and driving lanes. Our plow drivers will do curb to curb after driving lanes are open. After our first priority is taken care of, we will then start taking care of all other roads.

Our parking ban will be put into effect when 2” of snow is forecasted.

The ban enables streets to be cleared in a timely manner. This will also protect resident’s vehicles. Violators of this parking ban may be ticketed.

My apology ahead of time, unfortunately there is no way to avoid plowed snow from piling at the end of driveways. If possible, residents may want to wait until their streets have been plowed before clearing their driveways.

Please note that blowing or placing your snow into the road is not allowed and is covered by Ordinance No. 2022-01.

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